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Silky Oak Pot Pourri Bowl

 This beautiful spaltered silky oak blank was given to me by Toby from Cumberland woodworkers Inc., to make what ever I felt I would like to make so me being me ofcourse cleaned it up and wanted to make a pot pourri bowl out of it, being given advice from Larry on how to hollow it out he offered to bring in his custom made hollowing tool, by the way I want one so bad now because it made things so much easier. Larry showed me how to use it thanks to him. Then I sanded it back ofcourse wearing a mask, as we all know anything that is spalted should not be sanded or turned with no mask, the holes from the spalding gave it character.  I then thought after I finished it that it might look good with a lid and used a small branch a neighbour gave me a while ago, once I turned that I wasnt too happy with it and thought I would drill holes on the lid and pyrograph them and there we have it!















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