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Welcome to the health and beauty side of the site. I have been a beauty therapist since 1989 and yes I have that up my sleeve too, I completed my course attaining diplomas from AABTH and CIDESCO SECTION AUSTRALIA, so I would like to share some of my knowledge with you. I find a lot of people confuse beauticians with Beauty Therapists, there is a difference in our profession. We Beauty Therapists specialise in all aspects of health and beauty, we are fully qualified in all we do. We cover mind body and soul.

In this I combine my healing side which is very important for the client and myself. Beauty Therapy is a very rewarding profession and gave me great pleasure for years to work with such amazing beautiful people that gave me full trust to look after them and give them much confidents. Watching a happy client walk out of my clinic looking at life in a different way then they did when they first came in is the most rewarding feeling.

Now I will cover some subjects about the food we eat, the products we use or don't use on our skin, the way we look at ourselves and how we can make our lives easier by following very easy steps.

ACNE-: Is mostly common in teenagers due to hormonal changes, but it can also be found in adults due to stress levels which also cause a hormonal imbalance which in turn can cause acne, some of the reasons for it getting out of control could be the fact that the skin is dehydrated, DO NOT confuse dehydration with dry skin, a dry skin has less secretions of natural oils which flow through to the top of our skin, a dry skin usually has no elasticity nore does it have life. Yet dehydrated skin is lacking moisture but this does not mean there is no secretions, there could be secretions ongoing but your skin is so dehydrated that the oils cannot flow freely causing acne, pimples, blackheads and as there is no way for it to flow freely this is where the problem starts. DRINK WATER because this means you are not intaking enough water. If you try to treat acne with creams to dry your skin out you will cause more damage, as the human body is so smart it will produce more oil the more you dry out the surface, so there was a saying my Teacher used to say "use oil to stop oil" I know it doesn't sound too good but it works, if you lubricate your skin the glands will reduce production of secretions. Keep your skin clean, always remove make up before going to bed and always keep skin moisturised, I have seen so many adds about how young your skin could be etc etc....The main thing is this....keeping your skin cleansed and moisturised is protecting it, use sunblock at all times there are foundations for make up lovers with sunblock in them spf30 is usually the go. We sometimes forget that the every day to day running about and the stress we put on our body and skin, so be kind to your self and look after it, it is the only skin you have:) I could go on and on:)  DO NOT scrub acne skin in a harsh way, you will only cause more stimulation, I find tea tree oil does wonders cotton wool  warm water after cleansing your skin before you put your moisturiser on dab a bit of tea tree oil on your cotton wool and dab onto your pimples, but remember the trick is to keep the follicles open so that the oils can flow freely without getting clogging and blackheads.



1.    Get a good nights sleep

2.    Reduce your caffeine intake

3.    Do not smoke not only is it bad for your skin but your whole body and mind, eg: whose in charge the   ciggy or you?

4.    Reduce alcohol it kills brain cells and your liver

5.    Eat healthy eg: less sugar and salt, cut back on junk food.

6.    Drink 6 glasses of water daily.

7.    Excercise daily.

8.    Do deep breathing excercises and meditate, the deep breathing brings more oxygen to your skin cells

9.    Grill some of your food do not deep fry, steam your vegies not boil as with steaming it keeps all the flavour and goodness in them.

10.   Have plenty of fibre in your diet, healthy bowels means healthy skin and body.  




How Healthy Is Your Thinking?

Once again as I mentioned on my home page how we think has an impact on how we feel and look. A healthy mind is a healthy body, we have mental health, physical health and emotional health, which all have a very big impact on our lives.

As we know it our mind chatters eg: your in constant thought of what you see, what you do, what you hear, what you might want to do or where you might want to go etc etc. We may be experiencing troubles in our lives to which has also a very big impact on our mental state. There are some things we cannot share with others, so we dwell on them for long periods of time, which in many cases becomes a part of our everyday living. A deep hurt or anything that may have upset our system from functioning in a proper manner. All these things have a way of coming in the way of our every day to day living.

As the mind chatters we become more and more not aware of things that are in front of us, we put so much attention on that one thing that it makes us feel as though we are alone and too scared to move forward. In time we slowly shut down in mind body and emotion.

We may experience loss of a loved one or a seperation it could be a number of things causing us to feel down and unloved, guilty, not good enough, shy etc. Anxiety may kick in, you may not feel like you want to be sociable or even leave your home or room. All these things are a sign, but you can get help (if you suffer with depression you may not know it sometimes) depression sets in and we sometimes are not aware of it we deny we are depressed, but there are medical and other ways of dealing with all of this. You are not alone, you can change things. See someone or talk to someone in the field.

In our society today many people suffer from anxiety, depression and other disorders but this does not mean you have to live with it, because if you had to live with it, you will miss out on the best years of your life that you were ment to live happy and healthy.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, it is nothing to be ashamed of, so get help, ACT ON IT NOW! FREE YOURSELF AND BE HAPPY:)



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