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Trend Timbers 18th & 19th November 2011!

What a great two days, watching the most amazing woodturners and woodworkers, pyrography, wood carving, even spinning and most of all making the sawdust to go with it.  Thanks to Trent Timbers for holding such an amazing two days for all wood workers and turners.  They had a contest and the pressure was on as all the items in the contest were so perfect in their own way.

Cumberland Woodworkers Inc. where I belong, the guys are amazing we had the best two days, Bill, Toby, and the rest of us were really pumped up so much that it felt as though the two days were so short.

I also demonstrated after being boosted up by a few people YOU know who you are, as I thought I could not do it being so new to the field, but once I got behind that lathe it all felt so right and had the best time of my life, in my pictures you will see the two toothpick holders used to demonstrate, we had a great turn out and I met some amazing people there.

Ray and Sue were also there and we had a great time, though I could have sat with Sue the whole time and relaxed watching her spin alpaca fleece, it is so relaxing and ofcourse Sue makes it look all so easy and in turn made me want to just zone out constantly. Ray on the other hand did what he does best on the lathe, I had a look at some of his work and they looked great. If you are interested in Ray and Sue's site you may visit them in my links page under wool 'n' wood.

On the other hand watching Bill in the contest with the pressure on him, you wouldn't think he was even in a contest it was like water off a ducks back, he turned and Toby did the last minute finishes to the square edge platter made of jarrah...yes jarrah he used one of the hardest timber you could try to turn, but he did great. Pictures are posted in the Photos Link Check them out!

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