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 For many years I have studied and worked hard as most of us do, I have met some amazing personalities and had a fantastic experience in this life time, I see myself as a woman of wisdom and love people and the experience they have given me.

As you may have noticed my site is called "WooDoo Magic" I chose this name for my site because it reflects on who I am and what I am capable of. We find ourselves saying "I can't do this or that" OR "It's too hard to do" I found myself in my life doing things I never thought I could or was capable of doing, it is all mind over matter! and this is a fact...Well for me anyway.

I started woodturning in 2010 and absolutely love my hobby, I was going to just do pyrography as I used to do years ago to just pass time but I found myself wanting more and more so here I am now wood turning.

I must say I have friends and family that are very supportive of anything I want to do, my husband and children support me fully and that is a big plus, because with out the support of the people we love, we may not succeed to our full potential. I must admit also that I am headstrong and do what ever I put my mind on doing. I have been inspired by a few amazing people around me thanks to their support too.

Well I called my site Woodoo Magic because I know from experience that life is Magic if we want it to be and we can make our own path as to what we want out of life.

I have not always had a perfect life as we all know we just don't. We are never really satisfied in life as we always want more or we just chose the wrong path in our lives and experience hurt, pain, heartache and stress....OR we can choose another path and be happy within our selves and learn to love and have faith in ourselves.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked in the mirror and told yourself your going to have a great day and smiled at yourself? We determine how our day will be when we wake up in the morning we set our own rules on what we want to feel, do and experience. It took me years to find happiness because as we also know there are things we cannot control in our lifetime. So came the time I did and made a change so big in my life I have never looked back.

Now that I have started wood turning I feel anything I make is Magic just like my and your life, We can make it happen, making magic in your life can be so rewarding. The fact that I love nature as I do, I do not cut down trees to turn, I will only use recycled timber, already fallen down trees and even certain furniture that have been donated to me. Mother Earth is crying for our help and we can at least help her to help us by doing the right thing by her so I free the spirit of nature by turning only those kinds of timber, logs and branches.

I am also a Medium/clairvoyant, I read coffee cups and psychometry (holding an item), I perform white Wicca also ( clearing of homes and work places), I attend home parties or one on one readings and platforms at request. In my readings I use all of my gifts given to me from birth, I feel you and read you too feeling to your deepest emotions and helping you to release them, as I am also an empath.

If you would like to know about the story of my gift, please click on READINGS WITH AYSHEN below.

                                               READINGS WITH AYSHEN


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