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    Ayshen has been gifted since she was a child, she grew up experiencing many feelings and sensing, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and was able to predict things. Her parents marked her as a very imaginative child. Ayshen was growing up in a home where she was restricted from many things like tv at certain times, because her parents thought the tv was the blame for her experiences of seeing faces and hands coming out of her walls, her bed shaking when there was no earthquake, hearing voices of women and men and children, even feeling them on her bed as they climbed on and off.

  1971 London, England, her parents were renting a two story house but with other tenants downstairs. Every night Ayshen would start to feel them and hear them talking to her, at one stage she literally saw the lino floor rise up like there was air under it. Her cries and screams made her mother so sick of it that she wouldn't come out to see what was going on, and finaly when she did, it was too late, the floor seemed normal again. This happened once but all the voices, hands, faces, smells and tastes all were constantly happening she would cry yelling at them to shut up and they still would not stop.

  Ayshen was 7 years old when she realised all this was getting too much. Her parents would take her out site seeing, and even there on the Bus she would see people that really were not there in the physical, scared, she would hold her mothers hand as tight as she could in fear.

  In 1972 Ayshen and her parents arrived to Australia, Fremantle to be exact, then by train made it to New South Wales, Sydney. They lived with family friends for a while then moved out into a rented property and not that it had really stopped happening, but once again in this house too it all was going on for her.

  Feeling she was not normal and that there were things happening in her life that she could not explain to her parents, though if she did would they believe her?...maybe not, as there were times Ayshen would wake up crying at night due to movement and sounds in her room...her mother coming into the bedroom very angry with her and at times trying to comfort her. When her mother would walk out of her room, yet again noises and movement in her room would keep her up most of the night, with hands and faces coming out of her bedroom walls, she would see people standing over her bed, hovering and standing at the foot of her bed, voices of people she could not see and through a hole in her bedroom wall being an old fibro house she could see the frames of timber but at night it was a whole new ball game, as she would see a little girl looking at her through this hole in her wall. She still feels the little girl is still with her now and has become an attachment to Ayshen. She named her Voodoo, which comes through for Ayshen in her readings sometimes. One case she pointed out to a corner in a clients house, where the clients child plays with toys, with someone that the client can not see, but the client has confirmed. 

  Ayshen suffered with insomnia for years but never spoke of her troubled sleep, she would go to school feeling drained and not knowing what was wrong with her because she knew no different.

  It was in 1988-89 that Ayshen found a new age shop near her health and beauty clinic, where she would help her clients while she was treating them for skin conditions and massages feeling for their pain. When Ayshen found this New Age shop, she was so excited. She went in there every day just to feel normal, because there were more people just like her in this shop, she loved this shop so much and this is where she found herself and realised her purpose was what it is in life and that yes she is normal.

  Keeping this story short, the fact remains that Ayshen was experiencing something that today she respects and feels blessed to have. A gift that helps her to help others, as her painful experiences of losing her grandfather, grandmother, aunty, uncle and in 2007 her mother, were all predicted by her in meditation. This left her with the pain and worry of losing her family in this way, but not being able to explain to her family what she has experienced.

  She believes in helping others and loves all living things big and small, she has a strong connection to Mother Earth and is a strong believer of Oneness and that everything is connected, "we are all connected" she says. She has been asked many times where did she study for all this, she says "I get a blank look on my face because I did not do a course for what comes so naturally for me" there have been times when Ayshen thought she was crazy but now that she has seen there are more people like her out there, she doesn't feel so crazy after all.

  Ayshen is also an empath, she will feel you, and experience your pain and what ever you are feeling, though there could be something happening far away and due to her deep connections, she also feels things that may not even be in front of her. She experiences in her readings your true inner deep feelings whether it be hurt, happiness, pain or fear.

  She feels all her experiences in her life also is her way of being there for other people, she uses her own experience to help others, she has had a very hard time in her life, and is not shy to say so, as she believes that these are lessons for all humanity, and sometimes uses examples of her own experiences when helping clients, in the hope to inspire them.

  She is very in tune and connected to Mother Earth and loves all living things big and small as mentioned before. She is a great animal lover and cares about our environment. All of her meditation classes include healing for Mother Earth, man kind, animals, for the ill and elderly and also helps the deceased to move onto the other side.

  Ayshen meditates twice a day and sometimes spends one whole day gathering her energy and healing by lighting her candles, opening threads for all who want to send healing and prayers for their loved ones.  

  She says "I am so grateful for what I have been Blessed with, I used to be so afraid and now, I see what I was sent here to do and am very blessed to be given such an amazing gift, after all the pain in my life to be able to hold onto what I have, is also a strength and I am full of Love, Light and so very Blessed", as her eyes water with her smile of warmth.

  Ayshen is a Psychic Medium, she reads Coffee Cups, Tarot Cards, Psychometry, an Empath and Healer, and practitioner of White Wicca, also known as clearing and purifying of homes and work places etc.                                                               

  Ayshen  provides house parties/platforms and one on one readings in person. Online Readings are also available on Skype nationally and internationally, if interested please contact Ayshen via Contact Me, which will go to her email, or  she will  reply as soon as possible to organise an appointment. 

House parties/Group Readings - Six or more friends confirmed and the host receives a free reading.  

For an appointment please call 0425 396 803 Or click Contact Me and leave your details.





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